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Who’s Tollywood’s Top Star 2024? Our Opinion

“Who’s the Current Top Star in Tollywood?””

“Who’s the current No. 1 in Tollywood? It’s a burning question lately, with fans debating fiercely. But how do we determine the top hero? Fans weigh factors like box office success, popularity, and critical acclaim. Let’s explore the contenders and how they stack up.”

Mahesh Babu,

A Tollywood superstar known for his record-breaking performances, is yet to debut in a pan-Indian movie. Despite this, his nationwide popularity, fueled by numerous brand endorsements, keeps him in high demand. Currently filming ‘Guntur Karam’ with Trivikram, he’s set to collaborate with Rajamouli next, sparking anticipation for his potential international breakthrough. But does this make him Tollywood’s top hero?”


Thanks to the ‘Baahubali’ series, Prabhas has become a household name across India. His records, especially from ‘Baahubali 2’, remain unbeaten, even by Bollywood stars. Despite mixed reviews, ‘Saaho’ performed well, especially in Hindi markets. Although his recent film ‘Adipurush’ didn’t fare as expected, it still earned significant revenue. Currently, he’s involved in big-budget projects like ‘Salaar’ and ‘Kalki’, along with ‘Spirit’. Prabhas’s impact on Indian cinema is undeniable, making him a strong contender for the top spot.”


“Allu Arjun unexpectedly became a pan-Indian star with ‘Pushpa’, despite not actively promoting it in the North. His film’s success nationwide was a pleasant surprise. Even though he hadn’t made pan-Indian films before, his dubbed movies had already connected him with audiences outside Telugu cinema. His exceptional dancing skills have garnered him a massive fan following, particularly in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and North India. Winning the National Award for Best Actor further elevated his status, sparking discussions about whether he’s now Tollywood’s top hero.”


“Another standout hero in this lineup is Young Tiger NTR, whose stardom soared with ‘RRR’. His performance, especially in the ‘Komuram Bheemudo’ song, garnered international acclaim, with Hollywood noticing his talent. With a massive fanbase extending beyond Telugu states and Karnataka to countries like Japan, his popularity is undeniable. His inclusion in ‘War 2’ reflects his growing appeal in the North. Currently, he’s busy with ‘Devara’ directed by Koratala Siva. But does this make him Tollywood’s top hero?”


“Rajamouli’s epic ‘RRR’ propelled Ram Charan to global stardom, earning him international recognition and a strong following in Bollywood and Japan. Hollywood icons like James Cameron admired his performance. With projects like Shankar’s ‘Game Changer’ and more pan-Indian films in the pipeline, Charan’s star power continues to rise. But does this make him Tollywood’s top hero?”

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“Despite his focus on politics, Pawan Kalyan’s popularity remains unmatched in cinema. His massive fanbase ensures his films never flop. Many believe his true potential will shine when he chooses the right projects. Despite his dual commitments, his stardom hasn’t waned. Imagine if he solely focused on films! But does this make him Tollywood’s top hero?”

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