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“Exclusive: Neel Ventures to Deverakonda’s Residence!” 2025


“Prashanth Neel, the acclaimed filmmaker behind hits like the ‘KGF’ franchise and the recent blockbuster ‘Salaar,’ is currently one of the most sought-after directors in Indian cinema. With every major star eager to collaborate with him, a recent unexpected turn of events has caught everyone’s attention.

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Interestingly, Prashanth Neel paid a visit to Vijay Deverakonda’s residence in Hyderabad recently, sparking speculation and excitement among fans. A photo capturing Neel with Vijay’s manager has surfaced on social media, and M9 is thrilled to exclusively share the picture here.”

“Reports are circulating that Vijay Deverakonda might collaborate with Prashanth Neel for an upcoming project. While this remains speculative for now, the mere possibility of their partnership has ignited excitement among Vijay’s fans, who are expressing their enthusiasm on social media.

With both Vijay and Neel’s schedules aligning, there is anticipation that they could join forces for a film in the near future.”

“Given Neel’s stature in Indian cinema, his involvement could significantly enhance the commercial box office potential of Vijay’s project once it materializes.”

“As for Vijay, he is currently immersed in his upcoming project VD12, helmed by director Gowtam Tinnanuri.”

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