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“Kiara Advani Joins Prabhas in the Epic Sequel, Salaar: Reign of Power”2024

Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani’s Potential Role: Speculation is rife in Bollywood circles regarding the inclusion of Kiara Advani in the cast of the highly anticipated sequel, “Salaar: Reign of Power.” While her involvement remains unconfirmed, her addition would undoubtedly elevate the star power of the film.

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Second Half Appearance and Special Song: If Kiara Advani does join the project, rumors suggest her character may feature prominently in the second half, possibly with a special song sequence, adding to the film’s allure.

“Shauryanga Parvam” as the Title: The rumored title for the sequel, “Shauryanga Parvam,” only heightens the anticipation surrounding the film, teasing audiences with its enigmatic allure.


Game of Thrones-esque Experience: Producer Vijay Kiragandur’s tantalizing hint about Salaar 2 being akin to the epic scale and storytelling of “Game of Thrones” has sent expectations soaring, promising audiences a cinematic experience of grand proportions.


Release in 2025: With a slated release date in 2025, fans must exercise patience as they eagerly await the arrival of this action-packed extravaganza.

With Prabhas leading the charge and Prashant Neel at the helm, “Salaar: Reign of Power” holds the promise of a thrilling sequel. The potential addition of Kiara Advani and the evocative comparison to “Game of Thrones” only serve to intensify the excitement surrounding this much-anticipated cinematic spectacle!

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