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“Rajamouli Finally Making Mahesh’s Long-awaited Dream Come True?” 2024


“Addressing a common critique from Mahesh Babu’s detractors, his recent films have often been criticized for his consistent appearance. With the exception of his long-haired portrayal in ‘Guntur Kaaram,’ Mahesh’s roles have exhibited striking similarity. However, a potential transformation seems imminent as acclaimed filmmaker Rajamouli has taken charge. In recent images, Mahesh sports a new long-haired look, distinct from his previous style. This departure suggests Mahesh is on the verge of a significant makeover.”

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“Rajamouli is renowned for portraying his heroes in the most rugged and masculine manner possible, so it’s not unexpected if he’s taking a similar approach with Mahesh’s film.


From the visuals, it’s evident that Mahesh is sporting unusually long hair and a slight beard. Considering the genre is an adventure drama, it’s highly likely that Mahesh will adopt a rugged appearance, which is precisely what fans have eagerly anticipated.”

“Mahesh Babu is set to commit a significant 2-year span to this film, and it’s expected that director Rajamouli will leave no stone unturned in ensuring every aspect is meticulously addressed, from looks and mannerisms to character development—all of which fans have longed for.”

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