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Lilly & Radhika Fighting For Glam Queen Award

Anupama and Neha decided to embrace the timeless elegance of sarees, a quintessential Indian garment, but with a contemporary twist that added an extra layer of allure. Neha Shetty boldly flaunted a striking look, pairing a vibrant blue bralette underneath a shimmering saree, creating a captivating contrast of colors and textures. Meanwhile, Anupama Parameswaran opted for a more traditional approach, donning a sleek black saree paired with a chic sleeveless blouse, exuding sophistication and grace.

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As they graced the event, both actresses commanded attention with their impeccable style and poise. Their confident strides and poised poses for the camera captured the essence of modern Indian glamour, leaving onlookers mesmerized.

In the digital realm, their brief snippets from the event have swiftly garnered attention, circulating across social media platforms and igniting discussions among netizens. Enthusiastic admirers are engaged in spirited debates, passionately deliberating over whose glamorous ensemble truly captivated their hearts and sparked admiration.

Indeed, Anupama and Neha’s fashion choices have not only sparked conversation but also served as a source of inspiration, showcasing the endless possibilities for reinventing traditional attire with a contemporary flair.

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