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“Ramayana movie 2024 Goes Global: Unveiling a Legendary Collaboration”

Ramayana Movie

  1. “Warner Bros Joins Forces with ‘Ramayana’: The anticipation for the forthcoming mythological epic, Ramayana, intensifies as the project embraces a truly global collaboration.”

Ramayana Movie


“A Harmonious Fusion of Legends:

In an unprecedented collaboration, Oscar-winning composers Hans Zimmer and AR Rahman are teaming up to craft the film’s score. This melding of Western and Indian musical brilliance assures audiences of an enthralling and enduring auditory journey.

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Expanding Hollywood Horizons:

Producer Namit Malhotra is reportedly in discussions with Warner Bros., a prominent Hollywood studio, for a prospective partnership. This alliance could grant Ramayana an expanded budget, as well as extensive international marketing and distribution, propelling the film onto the global stage.”

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